You want your special baking efforts to reflect the quality, love and care you intended. Flour is an important part of those recipes, but, did you know flour quality dissipates over time and that bakers often over measure flour by about 20%?  Not only that but flour is one of the messier ingredients to use and to store.

We have all been there: standing in the kitchen, ready to make your famous special occasion recipe. You clearly remember there’s a right way to measure flour, but how exactly, has become a little fuzzy. Is the back of the spoon a suitable substitute for a level? Should I pack it down? Am I supposed to scoop or pour it from the bag? Well, you went with scoop-and-level, but find yourself wondering if there is now more flour on the counter than in the measuring cup. Suddenly, it hits you, when was the last time you even bought flour? How old is this bag? Does flour expire? Ten minutes of internet searching passes before you shrug your shoulders and decide to put the flour away. 

Good Measures’ precisely weighed 1-cup pouches make scratch baking better by taking the guesswork out of measuring, minimizing mess, and keeping flour fresh longer. 

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