Need Dinner Ideas? Ask the Farmer.

The Farmer Says… Penne with a Spinach Salad and Garlic Bread. 

No, no. He probably said duck and then made a quacking sound. But the labels you created on this classic toy say otherwise! Imagine how many times you have had the tedious “What should we have for dinner?” conversation. Too many times to count? We have a few suggestions for sourcing dinner ideas.

What to Make for Dinner

You may have seen those virtual dinner spinners online or in your favorite recipes app. With a tap and a whoosh you are given a handful of suggestions: beef, vegetable, cake. Helpful, right? Eh. You probably could have named those three things by looking in your refrigerator. What kind of beef? Which cake recipe? If you start looking through the app you could get stuck for an hour scrolling through recipes you either do not have a key ingredient for or recipes that are far too exciting to try after a long day at work. So, what now?

The Best Dinner Ideas are Ones You Already Have

What we are getting at is this: Only you know the never-fail recipes in your house.  Mom’s famous turkey meatloaf? Grandma’s classic stroganoff? Or the chili you made for last year’s Big Game? Whatever it is, throw it on a wheel! Finally a dinner spinner you’ll actually use.

Make Your Own Dinner Spinner

  • If you happen to have an old toy like the one above, give it a new life by re-labeling it with your favorite dinner ideas. 
  • Craft stores sell inexpensive spinners (like this one from Michael’s). All you have to do is get some construction paper and make the wheel! 
  • Try changing out your wheel regularly! As you find new recipes you can make this simple paper clip spinner which virtually costs zero dollars. 
  • Get the whole family involved! Have everyone pick a favorite dish to place on the wheel.  

Download the wheel below and happy spinning!

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