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Good Measures™ Introduces the Biggest Innovation in Baking Flour Since…. Flour!

Chicago, IL – December 17, 2019

Good Measures™ is launching flour packaging which meets the needs of today’s busy bakers.  With six 1-cup flour pouches in each box, Good Measures™ is easier to store and easier to pour than big paper bags of flour.  Good Measures™ stay fresh 1-cup flour pouches are precisely measured, increasing the odds of great baking outcomes. 

Millennial, Gen X and even Boomer bakers frequently over measure flour by 20% or more due to scooping or pouring flour into a measuring cup rather than sifting the flour for accurate measurement.  Good Measures™ takes the guess work out of measuring flour, precisely measuring every cup by weight… every cup measured perfectly, every time.

Today’s households look very different than those of the 1950’s.  70 years ago, bakers baked frequently and flour was a staple.  In most households today, baking is infrequent and reserved for special occasions.  Flour in a traditional 5 lb. paper bag starts to go bad 6 months after milling.  Using last year’s flour for this year’s holiday baking will result in ho-hum holiday cookies.  Flour packaging has not kept pace with changes in baking behavior… until now.

Good Measures™ is available in 2 great varieties:

  • Traditional unbleached all-purpose flour: At 11.8% protein, Good Measures™ contains the highest protein level of any national flour brand.  Higher protein delivers a preferred texture to baked goods.
  • Gluten free all-purpose flour: Cup-for-cup flour replacement that bakes and tastes like traditional flour!

Use Good Measures™ in your favorite recipe, or try one of ours: .

Good Measures™ makes baking simpler and better, ensuring baked goods reflect the love and care intended when scratch baking.

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