Three Essentials to the Perfect Pizza Dough

Pizza. It is just one of those foods for which there is no replacement. When you want pizza you just have to have it.

Have you ever been let down when in one of those pizza moods?  Whether delivered, pulled out of the freezer, or microwaved, we have all had a bad pie. We at Good Measures have a solution: the perfect pizza dough recipe. Once you learn to make this simple recipe, you can expect nothing but greatness from here on in.

 Buona mangiata!

Become the Master of Pizza Dough

Whether you have been tossing the dough for years or just getting started as the household’s personal pizza-maker, these tips and tricks will ensure your pizza comes out perfectly every time.

1.     Yeast: It’s the Goldilocks of Ingredients

The dough may be the base of the pizza, but the yeast mixture is its critical foundation. And if you’ve ever worked with yeast before, you may know it can be a finicky beast. Create the perfect environment for yeast to bubble and grow by taking the temperature of the water before you sprinkle it on. While it may take a few tries to figure out how long to run the tap or the right amount of time in the microwave, you want your water temperature to be 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.     Steady Goes the Protein

While 00, bread, or cake flour are commonly seen in pizza dough recipes, many of us do not keep multiple types of flour in the house. (Afterall, there’s only so much room in the pantry). Luckily, all-purpose flour can still be used to achieve a great pizza dough, given the right protein content.

Protein is an essential binding agent. Using an all-purpose flour with a consistently high protein content will deliver a quality texture crust. Good Measures all-purpose flour has the highest protein content of any national all-purpose flour brand.  Moreover, it is single-sourced, meaning the protein level is always the same and you can count on the same great results.

3.     Be Gentle

You have babied the yeast, used the best flour available, let your dough take a nice two-hour rest, and now it is time to roll it out. Don’t undo all your good work by pounding and pressing the dough! Before you get started, protect the dough from the heat and oil of your hands by flouring them. If you have a scraper handy, it is best to flour one hand and use the scraper in the other. To shape the dough, we recommend the “hurricane method.” Gently work the dough in a circular motion from the outside in, being careful to retain as many small bubbles as possible.

You Can Do This

For all the first-timers out there: you can do this.

Pizza is one of the most enjoyable things to learn to make. Set yourself up for success with the tips above. And if you are wondering where to find Good Measures flour, check out our website: where Good Measures is sold.

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