Banana Muffins: Solving the Breakfast Runaround

Do you have picky eaters at your table? I know I was one of those. While there are many theories about the behavior of picky eaters, chances are, your kids could just be kids. They do not always eat what we want them to. My mother’s most effective way of solving pickiness was to have us make what we ate. When children are involved in the process, they tend to be more interested in trying what they have prepared.

Kids in the Kitchen – Episode III

For episode three of kids in the kitchen, we are highlighting healthy, easy, and very portable banana muffins. Get the fun-sized aprons out and let’s get baking!

Essentials for a Banana Muffin Recipe

Scary looking bananas are what make muffins extra moist. If you do not have browning bananas around, you can always bruise them. And trust me, nothing gets kids excited about these muffins like whacking bananas against the kitchen counter.

Most banana muffin recipes call for sugar, but for a healthier version, I would recommend replacing sugar with equal amounts of:

  • Honey
  • Sugar free maple syrup
  • Applesauce

Consistency is everything when it comes to muffins. Start with a high-protein flour. Then – and this might be a little hard to control with children – try not to over mix the batter. Lumps and bubbles in the batter are what make the nooks and crannies in the muffins.


  • Have fun in the kitchen and be positive. If everyone is enjoying the experience, the less likely it is they will catch onto your sneaky scheme.
  • Praise them for their efforts and remind them how fun it was having them help.
  • When you are done with the banana peels be careful not to drop them on the floor. We do not want a vaudeville reenactment.

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