Three Essentials to the Perfect Pizza Dough

Pizza. It is just one of those foods for which there is no replacement. When you want pizza you just have to have it. Have you ever been let down when in one of those pizza moods?  Whether delivered, pulled out of the freezer, or microwaved, we have all had a bad pie. We at […]

Gift Biz Unwrapped – Podcast

Want to learn more about Good Measures? Gift Biz Unwrapped released a podcast interview this morning with Roger Sudnick, the founder of Good Measure’s Foods. Click here to hear Roger discusses the origins of the Good Measures concept, keys to launching a successful product in the retail grocery channel and some divine inspiration that […]

Good Measures™ Foods New Grocery Items

Good Measures™ Introduces the Biggest Innovation in Baking Flour Since…. Flour! Chicago, IL – December 17, 2019 Good Measures™ is launching flour packaging which meets the needs of today’s busy bakers.  With six 1-cup flour pouches in each box, Good Measures™ is easier to store and easier to pour than big paper bags of flour.  […]

Baking Conversion Chart

Precise measurement is SO important. Because baking is a science! Unlike many cooking recipes (which focus on mixing flavors), baked goods are the result of chemical reactions. If your baking soda measurement is off, then your flour cannot react properly, which throws off the sugar, and so on. In other words, precise measurement is what […]

Where Does the Phrase from scratch Come From?

Sports. Bet you didn’t expect that. While we have no intentions of starting a sports blog, we thought it might be fun to dive into the origins of a phrase used by modern bakers everywhere. From Scratch We commonly refer to baking from scratch to show that we put in that little extra effort, made […]

Now available in Publix!

We’ve very excited to announce Good Measures can now be found at your local Publix grocery stores. Not a Publix near you? Don’t worry! Good Measures will be coming to a store near you soon. Be sure to join our mailing list below to receive updates. We want to hear from you!  Please share recipes you’ve […]